Quinton & Paretti Legal Services

There has been an increase in customer lawsuits against dealers, including class actions and in government agency investigations of dealers. The financial exposure for a dealership can be tremendous.

The Dealer Protection Program assists the dealer in limiting the dealership’s exposure to legal claims arising from dealership operations. The Florida Automobile Dealers Association endorses the Dealer Protection Program.

Even the most “hands-on” dealer needs help staying updated on the latest legal requirements regarding not only forms, but procedures and other dealership operational matters.

Dealers receive information from various sources and attempt to stay in legal compliance regarding dealership matters. However, it takes hours upon hours to gather, digest and implement legal information regarding dealership sales operations to attempt to keep your dealership in compliance with federal and state legal regulations.

Based upon their extensive dealership experience, Adams, Quinton & Paretti perform a multi-phase methodical legal examination at your dealership geared to your specific operations to help bring your dealership into compliance with legal provisions applicable to dealership sales and service operations and to help avoid the common legal pitfalls threatening Florida dealerships. The numerous topics covered in the Dealer Protection Program, addressing both forms issues and procedural issues, are compiled from the firm's substantial automotive experience and knowledge regarding dealership regulations and areas of exposure. For more information regarding the review methods, topic areas and prices, please contact us.

As one dealer/client stated, "A single claim against the dealership will cost far more than the Dealer Protection Program fee and the additional protection helps me sleep at night".

Wouldn’t a Simple Forms Review Cover Me In Case of Legal Trouble?
No, because most consumer lawsuits or government agency actions today address procedural failures, not simply form deficiencies. Federal and Florida laws change over the years and judges constantly address legal compliance issues for dealers, interpreting the application of dealer laws and the impact it has on dealers. Your dealership faces substantial legal exposure if it is not in compliance with the latest procedural requirements.
How Will the Dealer Protection Program Protect Me?
The Dealer Protection Program addresses both form issues and procedure issues arising from state and federal law. The review is geared to your specific dealership operations to help bring your dealership into compliance with the latest changes in dealership legal requirements. The program evaluates your dealership operations for deficiencies and provides recommendations and forms to assist in compliance.
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